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Ok, I got it
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Do you guys have an aversion to writing on this site or something?!!!! PLEASE sign SOMETHING!!! ANYTHING!!! Please?
For once, this isn't begging you to sign anything, lol. No, this is saying that I love having pen/keyboard-friends and if you want to be mine, feel free to email me at laskat06@rghs.wcape.school.za or book_worm_kitty@hotmail.com
I suppose there's also my moms email which I check anyway, timefarmcape@yahoo.co.uk   Whichever, I don't mind, fire away and I'll be sure to reply!!
C'mon ppl....sign da guestbook...or comment board, I'm not fussy...but PLEASE sign!! I wanna know who's been on here!! Please? *makes puppy-dog eyes*
My Friends
you better go and create a account there NOW or face the wrath of the emo emus lead monkeys first cousins sons grandmothers aunts greatgranddaughters millenium buggy!!! or go hit a monkey with a bone.